Security Posts

There are two types of security post that we fit, manual posts and automatic posts. The manual posts require a key to put up or down while the automatic posts can be operated remotely. According to the home office, car theft has risen by 50% over the last 5 years alone. Here at Rhino Automation we aim to deter those thieves. By making it harder for someone to get your vehicle off of your property you dramatically reduce the risk of someone even attempting to steal it. With over 15 years experience we believe that installing a rhino post is the best and most cost effective way of to do this. The growing number of vehicles that now use key less fobs means a rhino post could well be your last line of defence from somebody driving away with your pride and joy.  We take great pride in our work, knowing that we are keeping people in our community safe! We are fully insured for all the groundwork carried out and fully guarantee all of our work for 12 months.